At Universal Martial Arts our purpose for all students is to foster growth and character building through high-level martial arts training that develops the whole person.



Universal Martial Arts – California is a safe environment to learn, practice and study the discipline of Tae Kwon Do and practical self-defense.

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We train multiple styles of martial arts and self-defense with a primary focus in traditional Tae Kwon Do.  Widely considered to be one of the most popular and commonly trained martial arts today, Tae Kwon Do provides students with the core fundamentals of kicks and strikes needed to either defend themselves or use in competition.

This is a great martial art studio. My son and his friends love it and are learning an amazing amount from Chris.
Bill Hoyer
Absolutely fantastic! Great Martial Art studio!
David Alan Jacobs
Great teacher, terrific for kids.  My daughter’s been going here for a year.
Sabine W.

UMAC is a wonderful opportunity for children (and adults) to learn martial arts.  They also learn discipline and respect in a very positive environment.  This studio is a great asset to our community.

Kim C.

We had a birthday party today and it was a blast!  All the kids loved it and it was super easy for us as parents.  Mr. (Master) C was so enthusiastic with all the kids and the highlight was the board breaking.  We will be doing another party here I am sure!

Stacey B.
I did a 6 week challenge here and loved it. The energy was great, all ages and experience welcome and extremely family friendly.
Natalie W.
Mr. C is great with kids and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend UMAC for boys and girls wanting to develop a fun and challenging skill set for life.
Kelley C.
This is a great martial art studio. My son and his friends love it and are learning an amazing amount from Chris.
Bill H.


Master Kristopher Carlson

Owner/Head Instructor/President of UMA

Master Kris Carlson started training in the martial arts at the age of 12. He had grown up loving martial arts in the movies and television and jumped at the chance to start training himself. (…) 

Master Rick Crawford

Founder of UMA – Retired

Master Rick Crawford started his martial arts career without the intention of making it a career. He was working in a factory in Chicago, and a guy there was a Brown belt in Shinto-Ru Karate. (…)


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