Cleanliness is much more than good hygiene or housekeeping skills. While taking care of our bodies and our things are important… this is just part of living a wholesome life.

Probably the most important part of cleanliness is mental hygiene.

Now, it is normal for us all to have angry, mean, or evil thoughts. Just like cleaning a house, it is important to acknowledge that we have a messy situation and that it needs some attention. Just because we had these thoughts doesn’t mean that we are a bad person, it just means we have some work to do.

Often just being aware of our thoughts and letting them pass is enough. Sometimes one needs some help and talking with some good friends or a professional counselor.

Mental cleanliness becomes easier if we control what kind of information we are putting in to our heads. What kind of TV shows or movies are we watching? What kind of a mood do they leave you with? What kind of thoughts do they cause? Are you a better person because of viewing them?

What kinds of things do your friends talk about? Does this cause you to be a better person? How can you be a better influence on yourself, your family and your friends?
ADULT MESSAGE OF THE WEEK: Balance and Rationality

This week we are going to discuss another quality of Martial Arts champions, balance, and its parallel human quality, which is rationality. In order to be an outstanding Martial Artist, we must have a good sense of balance. If we lose our balance in a fight, we could easily lose the fight. The keys to maintaining your balance are to stay calm, centered and focused.

The parallel human quality to balance is rationality. To be rational means to think logically and clearly without emotion. It means to make intelligent decisions based on wisdom and character. Wisdom without character can lead to destructive, irrational decisions. But wisdom with strong character is the foundation of strong leadership and highly rational decisions. So let’s cultivate rationality in our daily lives just as we place importance in achieving balance in Martial Arts.

Can you think of a time where staying calm helped in a challenging situation? (If no answers, prompt for at work, with spouse, with kids…)